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May 23, 2016

We need your help!

We have been told that only 30% or so of all eligible Webelos move up to Boy Scouts and are still there after one year. If this is true, we are losing a valuable source of new recruits. Lake Sands District is in the process of gathering information and outlining a plan that will help the Packs and Troops do a better job.

Contact the Webelos to Boy Scouts Transition Team for more information.

Here's a great handout for Webelos visiting your troop provided by Troop 317's ASM Larry Burton.

Here are some useful sites providing valuable information to assist you with a smooth Webelos to Boy Scout transition.
Note: all links open a new browser window or tab:

Boy Scout Trail - Webelos to Boy Scouts Transition Hints - A Year-Round Guide to Boy Scout Recruiting - Graduate Webelos Scouts into a Troop - A Year-Round Guide to Boy Scout Recruiting, Troop Open House
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